Visual artist Noora Ylipieti’s thousand vampires will take over the Rauma Art Museum

An exhibition opening in November at the Rauma Art Museum will feature a small village’s worth of vampires. Visual artist Noora Ylipieti (b. 1981) presents a site-specific installation and exhibition “Altistuneet / Vulnerability”, portraying through a thousand humorous vampire drawings and paintings the fragile, sensitive nature of human life and the rootlessness of modern times. Drawing from pop art and autofiction, the thousand-piece collection will have its premiere at the Rauma Art Museum, as vampires take over the lower level of Pinnala.

The exhibition will be on display from November 18, 2023, to May 12, 2024. It is curated by Rauma Art Museum’s museum intendant Heta Kaisto.

Praise for Adolescence

Noora Ylipieti has been working with the vampire character since 2020. Ten vampire paintings turned first into a hundred and finally into a thousand, as the artist added another zero to her series. Each vampire is its own vulnerable individual, and as different families, the vampire community directs a skewed view towards its surroundings.

– Intense, fast, and wild working, combined with some kind of refined obsession, are probably my main methods. I implement works by eagerly seizing impulses and whims and try to capture something that is genuine and honest, Noora Ylipieti describes her working.

The Sámi background artist has assembled her monumental series in residencies in Finland and Europe, including working in Rauma. Her own experiences and people encountered during travels, including Rauma residents, also mix with the vampires.

– There is a cross-tension in the exhibition that touches our time. Modern nomadism and longing for distance mix with the desire to belong to something larger; escapism mixes with the desire to be seen, curator Heta Kaisto reflects on the themes of the exhibition.

With the vampire character, Ylipieti winks at the dark side of humans, but the character also noticeably reminds of the passionate emotional world of a young adult.

– The exhibition is also a tribute to adolescence and teenage crushes. I believe that most recognize the season when favorite images filled the walls. For many different eras’ teenagers, they were images of pop culture vampires, Kaisto continues.

Noora Ylipieti, a long-line visual artist graduated from the Lahti Art Institute and the Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture, has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and worldwide. Altistuneet / Vulnerability is the artist’s first solo exhibition in a Finnish art museum.

Changing Exhibitions in Pinnala Upstairs in Autumn and Spring

At the end of November, a memorial exhibition of Rauma visual artist and art teacher Mirja Luukko (1934–2021) opens upstairs in Pinnala. The exhibition is built around the Rauma Art Museum’s collection works, supplemented by private loans, and is on display from November 25, 2023, to January 21, 2024. The exhibition is curated by Rauma Art Museum museum amanuensis Taina Myllyharju.

  • Mirja Luukko is said to have brought professional art graphics to Rauma. Also, her significance as an art teacher was substantial. And her glass paintings in world-sea traveling marine research vessels built in Rauma should not be forgotten, Myllyharju reminds.

In Spring 2024, an installation by visual artist Liza Grobler (b. 1974) will be constructed in Pinnala’s upstairs. Living and working in South Africa, Grobler is familiar to Rauma residents from twenty years ago from 2002 and 2007, when she created site-specific artworks, including an urban space game, and organized workshops with schoolchildren.

  • It’s truly wonderful to cherish friendships between Rauma and Cape Town and to have Liza Grobler as our guest again. Interest in contemporary African art has exploded in the West. Continuous dialogue and encounters between continents are especially crucial today as we face colonialist history and learn fairer and more equal practices also in the world of art, museum intendant Heta Kaisto rejoices.