VALO continues the Rauma Art Museum’s series of Showcase exhibitions

Art work VALO by Maija Esko.

The Showcase exhibitions are part of the Rauma Art Museum’s 50th anniversary program and present local art alongside the museum’s changing exhibitions. The exhibition series consists of four exhibitions whose artists were selected through open applications. Now it’s the turn of the exhibition VALO, created in collaboration by Maija Esko and Mari Aspola. The exhibition is on display in the lobby of the Art Museum from the 13th of July to the 26th of September 2021.

The exhibition was born out of dialogue between the two artists, physically working in the same space. The exhibition’s vision is built within the restrictions of space, showcase and light coming from window. Light makes visible what we want or dare to see. The VALO exhibition changes all the time as the amount of daylight does. The space built by the light can be viewed from the front, side or top of the showcase.

Mari Aspola is a graphic artist and visual arts teacher. Looking deep into the picture is Aspola’s way of working. Maija Esko is a textile artist and visual arts teacher. Esko’s work opens perspectives through layered surfaces of images.