The miraculous Joulevangeeljum musical delights in Old Rauma on December 15–16

A scene from the Joulevangeeljum musical and the audience at the Old Town Hall.

The Joulevangeeljum musical fills the streets of Old Rauma on Friday, December 15, at 6 PM and on Saturday, December 16, at 4 PM and 7 PM. Each performance lasts about two hours. The shows are open to all and free of charge. The dress rehearsal can be followed on Thursday, December 14, starting at 5 PM.

The musical is performed as a parade that moves through four scene locations in Old Rauma. The performances start in front of the Old Town Hall at Kauppakatu 13.

“We are expecting almost 10,000 spectators this time. Compared to last year, we have one more day of performances to avoid over crowding and ensure everyone can enjoy the wonderful Joulevangeeljum experience,” says museum and cultural director of the City of Rauma Risto Kupari.

This year, the atmosphere of the musical can also be experienced via the radio. Radio Ramona will make it possible to listen to and follow the musical during the performance starting at 4 PM on Saturday, December 16.

“Through the radio broadcast, we can convey the story and spirit of the musical to those who, for one reason or another, cannot watch the performance on-site. A reporter will move through the performance locations, gathering interviews and sharing the atmosphere of the parade. Radio Ramona will broadcast the performance later as a recording, so the play can be enjoyed again as Christmas approaches,” says Kupari.

Additionally, Satakunnan Kansa offers its customers a live stream of the Joulevangeeljum musical on Saturday, December 16, at 7 PM.

The production of the musical involves over 80 background personnel, whose tasks include technical production, traffic control, security, stage construction, costuming, and backstage catering. The cast includes about 300 people, featuring nine choirs, three marching bands, a band, actors, and dancers.

“A comprehensive production like Joulevangeeljum would not be possible without the strong network of volunteers and professionals,” Kupari adds.

According to cultural producer Outi Lehtorinne, many new children have been involved in dance and choir roles.

“We are extremely grateful that once again, a huge number of volunteers and performers have joined the production of the this musical. This is genuinely a joint Christmas experience for the entire city,” Lehtorinne rejoices.

This extensive event arrangement will cause changes in the traffic arrangements in the central area. Information about exceptions and parking possibilities will be announced closer to the date.

The Joulevangeeljum musical is a work commissioned by the City of Rauma in 2021, produced by the city. The first performance of the music play was in 2022. The play is written by Arto Myllärinen and composed by Lasse Heikkilä. It is directed by Arto Myllärinen and Ani Hassinen.