The International Regional Guide course produced 17 new tourist guides

The International Regional Guide course has produced 17 new tourist guides. These guides provide information in at least Finnish and English in Rauma, Eurajoki and Pori.

Rauma, Eurajoki and Pori co-organised the International Regional Guide training, which started in January 2023. The training lasted one year and included 324 hours of instruction. The final demonstrations and exam took place in late November and early December. The certificates were awarded at Villa Lokari in Eurajoki on Thursday 14 December.

The training was in accordance with the requirements of The Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations and its content was designed by Pirjo Jaakkola, Eurajoki, Rauma and Pori guide, who also acted as course leader and trainer of future guides.

The regional guide course was divided into a spring and an autumn semester. In addition to face-to-face teaching, the course included practical exercises, site visits and expert lectures. The teaching was in Finnish, but the prerequisite for participation in the course was the ability and competence to guide also in another language.

– Finland’s nature attracts international tourists, and the region’s seascape is a particular attraction that strongly supports the development of tourism in Rauma. After this training and with the guides we are now producing, we will be better able to meet the needs of international tourist groups, says Irene Villanen, Tourism Manager of the City of Rauma.

In addition to guides in Finnish and English, the graduates also include guides in Swedish and German, among other languages.

– German and Swedish are the most common foreign language guided tours in Rauma, right after English tours, so it’s really great that we are getting more language-skilled guides to strengthen the existing team of Rauma guides, says Villanen.