Sculptor Katri Paunu’s first solo exhibition introduces the artist on the verge of an international career

Piece of art of Sculptor Katri Paunu.

Rauma Art Museum’s this spring’s main exhibition is called TULVA – THE FLOOD and it exhibits sculptor Katri Paunu’s sculptors, reliefs and fountains. The pieces are Paunu’s master works from the Oslo National Academy of Arts, which she graduated in 2021, as well as new pieces. The exhibition is the first solo exhibition in a Finnish art museum for the young artist.

TULVA – THE FLOOD opens for the public on February 18 2023 and it’s open until May 14 2023.

Paunu tells that she is interested in combining ceramic with other materials and organic matters. She says her installations explore different shapes and experimental processes and they highlight the multidimensionality of senses as a way of experiencing art.

– For me, the flood symbolizes overflowing profusion and force of nature, but there can also be a societal and ecological level. A flood can be thought as a threatening chaos, but also as a fertile beginning for something new, Paunu explains about the name of the exhibit.