Rauma Tourist Information office in Savila open from Monday to Friday at 11–16 in September

Rauma Tourist Information in Savilanpuisto.

A new tourist information office was opened in Savilanpuisto in May, which has raised interest among both residents and tourists. Savila’s Tourist Information office is open in September, from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4 pm at Savilankatu 8.

– We have almost exclusively received positive feedback about the excellent location of the tourist office right next to Old Rauma and the successful renovation of the interior. The locals have been particularly pleased that the empty building got renovated and has a new purpose, tourist information officer Johanna Sainio says.

According to Sainio, the location of Savila’s tourist information office is ideal, as it is located in the center of events and people.

– We stay well informed about the number of people walking around the city and the number of visitors to the tourist information office, even if everyone does not stop to ask for help or advice, Sainio reflects.

There has been a clear change in the tourist information’s visitor statistics – the number of customers from Rauma has multiplied compared to previous summers.

– The increased number of customers can be explained by both curiosity and the location. Local bus stops are located next to the tourist information office, so many residents of Rauma are asking about the bus lines, timetables or visit to give desired feedback, says Sainio.

Rauma Tourist Information can also be contacted by phone at +358 (0)2 834 3512 or by email at If necessary, the office is also open on weekends during various events.

The tourist information office’s late autumn opening hours will be announced later in more detail.