Rauma Lace Week will be held from 17th to 25th of July. – the final implementation will be known in early summer

Nuoret katusoittajat Kuninkaankadulla puhallinsoittimien kanssa.

Rauma Lace Week will be held from 17 to 25 July 2021. The program and venues of the city festival are planned so that the event takes place safely and in accordance with official instructions.

Exceptions are being made for the arrangements, but the aim is to implement the program of the event as smaller public events and, if necessary, by limiting the number of audiences.

We are preparing for changes in the organization of the Lace Week until the July meeting restrictions are clear. Care must be taken to limit the number of visitors and to ensure that safety distances are kept. If necessary, the events are organized limited or online. Implementation will be described in more detail when the July restrictions are clear.

There won´t be late night events. The evening program ends at 9 pm and the program focuses on daytime events suitable for the whole family.

Lace and diverse programme is available already before the Lace Week

Some summery cultural programmes and Lace Week programmes will be available on the outdoor stage in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum during three weeks from 10th to 25th of July. The courtyard of the Art Museum provides a wonderful and safe setting for various stage performances. The Art Museum’s summer exhibition, Iholla lace exhibition curated by Paola Suhonen, is one of the highlights of Lace Week’s visit.

The experiences of last year’s Lace Week streaming event were successful, so Lace Week will also be accompanied by an online program this year. The presentation of the program on the City of Rauma’s YouTube channel will start before Lace Week.

Current issues and changes to the event’s arrangements will be announced on Rauma Lace Week website at and on social media channels. The full lace week program will be published in June.