Rauma has it’s own lace sweater pattern

A woman wearing the Rauma sweater.

Christmas town Rauma is gifting a Rauma lace sweater pattern for everyone to use. The pattern was designed and completed by lace artist Tarmo Thorström together with Katrina Salo. The pattern was inspired by the Uus kultseppä and Mandeljepyri Rauma laces.

– Rauma has a living tradition in lace making that has continued for centuries. Even though lace originated in clothing, it isn’t used much in today’s clothes. Times change and traditions live and that is why I am happy to have been able to innovate the idea of wearing lace for today’s conditions. In addition, there are many times as many knitters in the world as there are lace makers, so this also promotes the Rauma-lace tradition, lace artist Tarmo Thorström says.

– We are very happy to finally be able to publish this unique sweater pattern, which fits so well with the characteristics of Rauma. We hope to see many Rauma sweaters made and used. Some of our test knitters have already completed their own sweaters and are eager to wear them in public, Director of Development Satu Saarinen says.

Tarmo Thorström has also chosen the yarn used in the sweater. Double thread Myrskyluodon Villa -yarn has been made from the wool of sheep native to the Åland Islands. Similar wool yarn can also be used to make the sweater.

– We want to challenge all eager knitters to grab their knitting needles and to make Rauma sweaters for their whole family, for example as Christmas gifts! The sweaters suit both men and women, and the pattern can be used to make woolly hats or beanies as well, Satu Saarinen encourages.

The pattern is available online on as well as in local craft and yarn shops.

Rauma sweater knitting instructions (pdf)