Rauma Festivo’s surprise concerts return to the courtyards

In the middle of the Rauma Festivo festival week on Thursday, the 5th of August, the long-awaited day of surprise concerts will be experienced. The mini-concerts, which incite the audience to seize the moment, return to the private courtyards of Old Rauma. The day will be opened in the Church of the Holy Cross and in the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity and will be closed at the House of Culture Poselli. Only concert venues and times will be announced in advance. Only on the spot will it be revealed which of the artists of the week are performing and what music is being heard. In cooperation with Rauma Festivo and Rauma Oppaat ry, a walking tour will be carried out from one Carpe Diem site to another. The tour is free and can be joined at your convenience.

In Café Sali, on the edge of Rauma Market Square, three admission-free concerts will be heard during Festivo Week. In the concerts you will hear, among other things, the performance of Miriam Luukkonen and his string quartet born at the Sibelius Academy, the piano playing of Tuuli Raitio and Josefin Kavén, students of the Turku Academy of Arts, and guitar playing by guitarist Jere Rostedt.

Rauma Festivo’s official closing concert will be held on Saturday the 7th of August in cultural pub Brummi, but on Sunday the cooperation between the Rauma parish and the festival will be celebrated in the traditional way in an admission-free concert at the Church of the Holy Cross. The Concerto per madre della fede (Concerto for the Mother of Faith) program, which includes works by Merikanto, Brahms and Bach, among others, has been designed by Saara Kukko, A-cantor of the Rauma parish.