Rauma Festivo – Chamber Music Festival is here again in August

Rauma Festivon esiintyjiä vuonna 2018.

Chamber Music Festival Rauma Festivo is held again in the beginning of August, in 2.–6.8. The program of the festival combines again this year diversely music, performing arts, visual arts and poetry. Traditional Carpe Diem -surprise concert day on the August 4th delivers chamber music spiced up with dance and circus arts all over Old Rauma.

Violinist Siljamari Heikinheimo and dancer Auri Ahola have combined the artists of the week into pairs, which create unique performances in yards of the Old Rauma, based on the meetings of juggling, jazz bassist, cellist, ballerina, violinist and break dance -performer among other things.The performers will be revealed in the sites and there is a possibility to take part in a free tour in between of performance sites.

Three café concerts will be heard during the festival week’s evenings in Café Sali, located on the edge of the market place, in Kuninkaankatu 22. Soprano Emma Lammela and pianist Shenran Wang perform a romantic lied repertoire, violinist Tuuli Raitio and pianist Josefin Kavén perform Finnish violin pieces and a string trio of Ekin Kuzukiran, Yanan Bai and Elis Hakola perform Erkki Melartin’s glowing trio.

Rauma Festivo preparty will be held in the heart of the Old Rauma, in the yard of Spärri, Kuninkaankatu 10. In the Monday evening surprise performances will be heard, the artists of the week will be introduced and refreshments offered by co-operating partners will be enjoyed.

The Festivo-violin built by Marko Pennanen and owned by Rauman Konserttiyhdistys will be played by Miriam Luukkonen. She will be performing with organist Saara Kukko at the end of the week in the consert arranged in co-operation with Rauma congregation in Rauma Church of Holy Cross. The solo violin pieces of Bach and Ysayë will be heard as well pieces of Mendelssohn and Massenet.

More information and the complete program can be found online at