“Rakkauspuu” community art installation in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum

Illustration of Love Tree.

“Rakkauspuu” (a love tree) community art installation is rising in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum. The artwork is a collaborative effort between visual artist Noora Ylipieti and four upper secondary school-aged young people from Rauma. Rakkauspuu will be installed in the outdoor space of the Rauma Art Museum’s courtyard. The creation of the artwork will take place on February 8–9 and 12–13.

– The delicate and dreamy artwork explores themes of care and love, reflecting the mindset of a young person. The process-like creation of the artwork involves self-examination and writing, which will be transformed into visual form and installed within the gentle embrace of the tree. The artwork will be unveiled fittingly on Valentine’s Day, February 14, says museum curator Taina Myllyharju.

Utilizing various materials and techniques, the artwork includes text, ice blocks, flowers, and energy drinks. Rakkauspuu also echoes the Japanese tradition of wish trees, and visitors can read the thoughts evoked by the theme in a young person.

The subject matter of the artwork may resonate with Noora Ylipieti’s exhibition “Altistuneet, Vulnerability,” currently on display at the Rauma Art Museum.

– Rakkauspuu continues a similar saga of romance and emotions in the outdoor space of the museum, which can also be found in Ylipieti’s exhibition. Noora Ylipieti’s exhibition will be on display at the Rauma Art Museum until April 14, Myllyharju continues.

Noora Ylipieti is a visual artist based in Espoo (MA), whose working methods include painting, drawing, installations, and community art. Ylipieti has carried out community art projects with young people in recent years in places such as Eura, Pietarsaari, and Kruunupyy. The artist has also worked with community art in Rauma, where the vampire-themed artworks on rag rugs at the main library are the result of a community art project carried out in collaboration with Kari School.