Old Rauma’s open yards and yard sales delight Lace Week visitors from July 22 to 30

More than 30 residents of Old Rauma will open their yards to Lace Week visitors from July 22 to 30. Residents organize yard sales and offer the public a chance to peek behind the gates. The yards are generally open from 10 am to 6 pm. The participating houses can be identified by the Old Rauma Association sign attached near each gate.

The aim of the open yards and yard sales event is to offer residents of Rauma, tourists and anyone interested an opportunity to get to know the beautiful courtyards and life in Old Rauma. The Old Rauma Association is organizing the popular event for the 18th time.

Pihakirppis-kyltti Vanhassa Raumassa.

The number of participants can vary daily, as the residents participate in the event on a voluntary basis. You can visit the yards if the gate is open and the Old Rauma Association’s sign is visible.

According to the announcement of the Old Rauma association, the number of visitors has increased every year. For example, at one location on Eteläpitkäkatu an average of 600 names were signed in the guest book 15 years ago. Last year, the corresponding number was a record 2,500, which means the number of visitors has more than quadrupled.

Between 30 and 40 open yards have participated in the Lace Week event. It is estimated that a total of 70,000–80,000 visitors visit the yards each year.

The open yards and yard sales of Old Rauma in 2023 have been compiled on a map (pdf).

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