Museums on Call and Kid’s Saturdays

Rauma Maritime Museum and hellms.

Museums in Rauma are on call on Wednesdays and arrange programme for kids on Saturdays.

Museums on call on Wednesdays – pay what you want

Every week one of the Rauma’s museums is on call on Wednesday at 16–19 o’clock. On call museums are Lönnström Museums, Rauma Maritime Museum, Rauma Art Museum, Marela – shipowners home museum and Old Town Hall Museum.

Check the on call schedule. 

Programme for whole family on Kid’s Saturdays

The Rauma’s museums welcome kids, adults and families to spend time together on Saturdays. Kid’s Saturdays continue every month, except mid-summer.

Check the programme and timetable from museums’ websites:


25.1. Rauma Maritime Museum,
29.2. Rauma Museum, Marela,
28.3. Lönnström Museums,
25.4. Rauma Art Museum,


29.8. Rauma Maritime Museum, Kirsti,
26.9. Rauma Art Museum,
24.10. Lönnström Museums,
28.11. Rauma Maritime Museum,


Museum on call and kid's Saturdays 2020