Mirja Luukko’s commemorative exhibition opens at the Rauma Art Museum on November 25th

Rauma Art museum and Hauenguano well in winter.

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, an exhibition commemorating Raumalainen visual artist and art teacher Mirja Luukko (1934-2022) will open in the upper floor of Pinnala at the Rauma Art Museum. The exhibition is built around works from the Rauma Art Museum’s collection, supplemented with private loans. The exhibition will be on display from November 25, 2023, to January 21, 2024, curated by Taina Myllyharju, museum amanuensis of the Rauma Art Museum.

– Mirja Luukko is said to have brought professional art graphics to Rauma. Additionally, her significance as an art teacher was considerable. Not to forget her stained glass paintings in research vessels that sailed the world’s seas, constructed in Rauma, reminds Myllyharju.

The Rauma city collection includes a total of 61 works, of which 17 graphic prints and a Rauma-themed tapestry from a private collection are displayed in the museum’s exhibition. Luukko was known as a versatile image maker, creating paintings, sculptures, medals, and stained glass in addition to graphics. A slideshow has been compiled for the exhibition from this other body of work. Additionally, ex-libris, jewelry, and other applied art productions, as well as newspaper clippings, are on display.

Many remember Mirja Luukko as a thorough teacher, and the exhibition allows visitors to explore a high school notebook of one of her students, Taina Tukiainen, now Taru-Taina Nora. Others who knew Luukko can also share their memories of her in a notebook provided at the venue or send reminiscences to the Rauma Art Museum for future archival and research purposes at This material will be used in the background research for the permanent exhibition of Rauma art.