Lumen Light Art event delight in Rauma city centre 7.–15.1.

Lumen Light Art Work ad 2022. Text Lumen 7.-15.1.2022.

Light art works can be seen in Rauma city centre every day 7.–15.1.2022 from 17.00 to 22.00. The event has a versatile light and media art, light sculptures, videomapping and installations. The theme of the event is Connection.

The arrangements have taken into account current corona restrictions. All light art works are located outside and they can be seen when ever you like during the event. Organizers wish that the audience remember the safety distance to others and participates only when healthy.

Best way to see the art works is by foot. Streets are not closed due the event. The route goes through the UNESCO World Heritage site Old Rauma, from the Church of the Holy Cross via the Market Place and Anundilanaukio square to the Rauma City Hall.

Map of Lumen, information about the light art works and artists will be found from