Floating Island in front of Otanlahti

Floating Island at sea.

Enviromental art piece of Raimo Saarinen, the Floating Island, is ready and can be seen in front of Otanlahti. Piece if a big sculpture, a man made island that has a area of 25 square meters. Piece has a concrete surface that imitates rock. The whole piece is floating on top of a pontoon. Artist has hand selected different living trees and plants that grow on the island.

The Floating Island brings joy and surprising view for those who moves around beach area. The Floating Island is located in front of Fåfänga cape. Piece can be observed from Otanlahti beach park area and one can walk towards the island along the beach, past Fåfänga pavilion, towards end of cape. The island can be observed closely from beach next to Merikylpylä’s saunas’ parking lot (Suvitie 4).

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