Conversation Park is complete

Keskustelupuiston penkki.

Conversation Park is a contemporary art project by Lönnström Art Museum, initiated by the artist duo Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. The park opened on Saturday 12.9.2020. It is located at Kalliokatu 20-30.

A couple of years ago 30 Rauma residents was chosen to be players for “Public Space Game”. Different visions, age groups and personalities were in conversation while the park was forming. During the game, the players could choose to tend only their own section or to pool resources – the money, the land, the ideas. The process has involved countless discussions and negotiations among the players. As a result, Rauma has now a unique and personal park which reflects both the needs of individuals and their common voice. The City of Rauma will maintain the park up to at least 2022.

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