Changes in the Lace Week -programme and in the lookout tower Kiikartorni’s summer

There have been a few changes to the Lace Week programme on 22.7.-30.7.

The Porkarpaatti -sailings by Santtioseura on Wednesday 26.7. have been cancelled due to the captains busy schedules. The sailings were meant to start off from the dock of Merijakamo, and they were a part of the summer day of Fåfänga.

However, a boat from the Saaristomeren Merivartiostokilta, Boat Nalle, will act as a replacement, and sail people at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 and if needed also at 18.00. The sailing trip lasts a little under two hours and costs 10 €, children under the age of 12 with an adult 5 €. The price includes coffee and juice refreshments.

The programme will remain the same for the other parts of the day, and everyone is welcomed to join in the sea-themed summer day. Pop-up museum by the Maritime museum of Rauma, an art exhibition by Inspira and a communal singing event will all take place at the surroundings of Fåfänga.

The Lookout tower -Kiikartorni is open the whole day on the 26.7. On other times the Lookout tower is open every day at 12-18, and it is held open by the Merihistoriallinen Seura of Rauma. A guide will be present at the lookout tower and a fee of 1 euro will be charged for climbing up the tower.

An artist guest of RaumArs Diana Ejaita has had to cancel her exhibition from the Lace Week programme. Her exhibition was supposed to be showcased at Marela, that now showcases two RaumArs -exhibitions, Local Colour – Paikallisväri and Rakasta kylmää ja Paperiteoksia. Marela has of course other things to offer for Lace Week as well, and there is no reason why you should not stop by and see the beautiful shipowner’s home, which is open every day 10-17.