You can still sail to the Archipelago for a few weeks

Suomen lippu ja aurinkoinen saaristomaisema.

Summer season is getting to its end, but there is still time to visit the archipelago and enjoy the fresh sea air. The water buses of the island traffic of Rauma will continue their sail until Sunday 27.8. Water buses traffic to the fortress island Kuuskajaskari, and to the lighthouse island Kylmäpihlaja. The buses will transport people two times a day this week, and once a day next week. You can see the detailed travel times from the website of the island traffic of Rauma, or from the Raumanmeri -brochure. There are of course other ways to travel to the archipelago, even beyond the month of August. You can see different options for boat traffic here.

You can also experience sea faring in August from the deck of a sailing ship, when Galeas Ihana arranges sailing trips in the Archipelago of Rauma. On Saturday 26.8, on the day of Finnish nature, the sailing ship will sail on the sea, getting a look on the open sea swimming competition. On the same day the Galeas will sail late at night in the honor of Venetsialaiset (the celebration of the end of the summer), accompanied by accordion music. The sailing ship also organizes a morning sail on this week’s Sunday, 20.8, when you can also join in to a visit to the manor of Vuojoki. For more information on Galeas Ihana, its sailings and prices, go here.