A new event in Rauma Maritime Museum: The Maritime Museum ‘After Hours’

Rauma Maritime Museum and hellms.

The Maritime Museum ‘After Hours’ event on Wednesday 16.11.2022 is a time for powerful stories, weird occurrences, limitless imagination and creepy tales of seafarers, forever preserved in the museum’s collection.

The perfect setting for this event is the 122-year-old maritime museum building on a cold, dark and spooky November night. Also, at 8 PM, the museum’s lighting will be turned off for the final hour, but you’ll be alright if you bring your own flashlight!

We offer short, guided tours in Finnish and English and bilingual readings of the Aaveiden Rauma / Ghosts of Rauma books by the authors Saana Jaakkola and John Swallow. A whole chapter is dedicated to the maritime museum building within the books, and Saana and John will host a Q&A session afterwards. You can even surprise everyone with your creativity in a non-stop workshop of scary poems! DJ Protoni has made the unique Maritime Museum soundtrack to accompany your visit until 8PM.

Museum will give you a 50 % discount on the standard museum entry fees during the event. Please note that the recommended age limit for the event is 12 years.

The program of the evening (changes may occur):

  • 18.00 Pahempaakin tapahtuu merellä -opastus (FIN)
  • 18.30 Aaveiden Rauma / Ghosts of Rauma -reading: Saana Jaakkola and John Swallow (FIN & ENG)
  • 19.00 Worse things happen at sea  -guided tour (ENG)
  • 19.30 Aaveiden Rauma / Ghosts of Rauma -reading: Saana Jaakkola and John Swallow (FIN & ENG)
  • 20.00 the Dark Museum: the lighting and sounds are switched off, visit the exhibitions with the help of your own flashlight!
  • 20.30 Pahempaakin tapahtuu merellä -opastus / Worse things happen at sea (FIN & ENG)