The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages in Köyliö

The entire recorded history of Finland begins with a peasant named Lalli, his wife Kerttu, and Bishop Henry. The killing of Bishop Henry on the ice of lake Köyliönjärvi on 19th of January 1156 is the first event where the time, the place and the people involved are known with some certainty. The first church of Köyliö, which was still in use in the 1420s, was located on Kirkkokari island in lake Köyliönjärvi. The church in Köyliö is open in the summer and on request. Guided tours are available for groups on demand.

Liinmaa Linnamäki Castle Hill

The wooden and brick castle Liinmaa was located on the shores of the Väkkäränlahti bay in Eurajoki during the late 14th century. The last lord of Liinmaa castle accidentally shot his own son’s ship carrying a cargo of bricks, thinking it was a foreign war ship. The ship sank in front of the castle. When he realised his mistake, depression drove him to destroy the entire castle. This story would also explain the small amount of brick findings at the castle hill. Visitors can freely visit the castle hill year-round. Guided tours are available for groups on demand.