Stone Age

Kiukainen culture – The last phase of the Stone Age in Finland

Kiukainen culture dates back to 2000–1200 BCE. It was named after the rich dwelling place findings of Uotinmäki, Panelia. There are known prehistoric dwellings on the West coast of Finland all the way from Vaasa to the Åland islands. The population already mastered agriculture and cattle keeping, but the main source of livelihood was seal-fishing. An exhibition at Panelia museum in Eura showcases the times of Kiukainen culture.

Hinnerjoki, Kauttua and Honkilahti in Eura are known for prehistoric dwellings. Kolmhaara in Honkilahti has been examined the most extensively through several archaeological excavations. See the map on Ajan Jäljet – Tracing the Past brochure (in Finnish) for the approximate locations of the archaelogical excavations.