Iron Age

Anyone interested in Iron Age, prehistory and archaeology should make their way straight to Eura! InNaurava Lohikäärme Information Centre of Prehistory the visitors receive information on life in the Viking Age and can try for example ancient techniques of producing textiles. The shop at the information centre sells quality products and souvenirs related to prehistory.

Luistari ancient park and exhibition space

Luistari burial site dating to the Iron Age is the largest examined burial site in Finland. A photography exhibit of the excavations in 1969–1992 is on display at the exhibition space.
Open in the summer and on request.

Kauttuan Linnavuori Hill Fort

The only prehistoric fort in the Rauma region is located in Eura. Over 1000 years ago, the traffic of river Eurajoki and lake Pyhäjärvi was monitored from the hill fort in Kauttua. Objects found in excavations date the hill fort to the late Germanic Iron Age (600–800 CE). Open year-round.


Based on stories, the top of Käräjämäki hill in Eura was a site for medieval court. However, archaeological excavations indicate that the “court circle” formed by the stones is in fact a grave from the Iron Age. Open year-round.


The Iron Age attractions, the only prehistoric fort of the Rauma region Kauttuan Linnavuori hill fort, Iron Age burial site Käräjämäki and Luistari ancient park are all situated within a short driving distance of each other. Ask for guided prehistoric tours or visit the Viking village of Härkänummi, which is open on request.