Bronze Age


The Bronze Age burial site of Sammallahdenmäki in Lappi village, Rauma was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999 as the first archaeological site in Finland. Merely in Sammallahdenmäki area there are 36 Bronze Age burial cairns, and more than 160 burial cairns have been found in Lappi village. The best way to discover the secrets of Sammallahdenmäki is to attend a guided tour. Independent visits to the site are possible during snow-free seasons. A  brochure with a map of the area can be ordered by contacting Rauma Tourist Information or collected at the tourist information.

Kuninkaanhauta – The king’s grave

In the village of Panelia in Eura, there are about a hundred Bronze Age cairns. When the burial site was first constructed, an ancient gulf filled the nearby area, which was favourable for the people of the time. The former municipality of Kiukainen was named after these particular type of cairns. The king’s grave in Panelia has a diameter of approximately 40 metres and it is four metres in height. The amount of stones is the largest of all cairns in Finland.

Kodisjoki cairns

In the village of Kodisjoki in Rauma there are 68 cairns. Most of these cairns are from the Bronze Age, though some are from the pre-Roman era (approx. 500 BCE–50 CE). Signs guide to some of the ancient burial cairns.

Visiting the burial cairns independently is possible year-round.