Tracing the Past

By Tracing the Past, exploring the unique history and the most significant historical attractions in Rauma region is simple. The journey takes you to experience two UNESCO World Heritage sites, explore the living prehistory of the area and trace the past all the way until the era of ironworks, mansions and industrialisation.

The versatile past of the Rauma region transforms into fascinating stories and living experiences in Tracing the Past attractions of the history travel network. The network of Tracing the Past attractions demonstrates the history of the region in versatile ways and offers the joys of discovery and surprise for everyone, even the experienced culture enthusiasts. The diverse services of the attractions include everything from exhibitions to pampering treatments and from guided tours to memorable, high-quality restaurant and hotel services. Explore the Tracing the Past attractions by visiting the links below.

Tracing the Past attractions are also suitable for families with children: there is a lot to do and see for the entire family! Many of the attractions have tours designed specifically for children.

We wish to welcome you to a memorable trip through history!